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Meet the students of Miriam School, located in St. Louis County.

If you click to the left, you will find a brief description of what students in room 7 are doing to become an active citizen!
Members of a community have a responsibility to give back to that community. Your task is to create an organization that serves the community you belong to, take action on a specific need that is important to you, and create a fictional story that shares your passion for the need you are addressing.

Students started their project by watching a You Tube video from students in Australia, challenging them to change the world.

For our organization we are going to pick up trash to
keep the Earth clean. Together we voted as a class to
decide on what we were going to do for our Project
Citizen. We are going to be picking up trash around
our school and Webster Groves because we wanted
to help keep the environment clean and safe. We
decided on Room 7 P.U.T. to be our name for the
project. P.U.T. stands for Pick Up Trash.

Room 7 before we go pick up trash
When we went to pick up trash around our community we were surprised how much litter we found. Picking up trash on the sidewalks and street corners made us feel like we helped the environment. We are planning to go and pick up trash this Thursday at Tilles Park and Blackburn Park. We hope that there will be less trash to pick up.