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Video Conference: Jan 13, 2011

This past week it was exciting to participate in a video conference with journalism students in Miami, FL and students in Tunisia who were celebrating the first anniversary of their revolution. The Tunisian students are eager to learn what this new democracy means to them. As one Tunisian wrote “...our precious Tunisia is facing a new era. In fact, it is from this African country that what people call ' the Arab Spring ' sprang. This turning-point in our history will undoubtedly influence our view of our duties and rights and those of our children as future citizens.” These students along with others in the US, Taiwan, Yemen and Iraq will be studying the democratic process in their countries and others.

Hi everyone ,

Hi everyone This week is very special to us,Tunisians,as it's the first year after the revolution and it coincides with the week we are celebrating our project about CITIZENSHIP"the future citizen".So it's the best topic at the exact time .

I have discovered that what really misses pupils in the contribution in any project is motivation.In fact,my pupils have surprised me and all the guests yesterday's celebration day'with their commitment , enthusiasm and determination to collaborate and work to improve their present situation. For them,what misses is guidance ,confidence and a 'facilitator'.


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