DeGuang Catholic High School, Tainan, Taiwan

---- =General Introduction to Our School= ==Deguang High School was established by the Roman Catholic Church in 1963.== ===Located in the Eastern district of Tainan with easy access to any parts of Taiwan, our school is equipped with modern facilities and students' pursuit of excellency.=== ===Serving society is the principal educational philosophy for our school. With beautiful campus and peaceful atmosphere, we cultivate not only students' superiority but also their creativity=== ===We place great emphasis on the goal of Five Educations or whole educations - which mean virtue, wisdom, vitality, teamwork, and aesthetics. We are the original inventor of the national English Experimental School, taking the lead in establishing the e-school. We have been appointed by the Ministry of Education as the pioneer of the regional information Internet center for the southern educational department in Taiwan.=== external image IMG_5385.JPGDSC00016.JPG iEARN DEGUANG LEARNING COMMUNITY - ESTABLISHED in FEB. 2012 P1090523.JPG =iEARN PROJECT MEMBERS - Feb 2012= ---- =Members' Presentation:= ===Project for group D Hi, we're group D. We have five students in this group, including Wangshengmin, Jessie_Chung, Vanessa, Sabrina, Yen Li. We are in grade 11. We are planing to introduce students' vote. We'll observe the vote in our school and take some pictures. Later, we'll publish a poster to inform everyone more clearly . April 6, 2012=== IMG_0338.JPGIMG_0336.JPGIMG_0333.JPG These pictures are our class vote the cadres. By: Jessie April 4, 2012 DSC00384.jpgDSC00387.jpgDSC00390.jpg These pictures are about candidates' political views published. By: Jessie May 3 2012 545742_431255480219164_100000041485518_1605352_392073576_n.jpg This is our elected student council president. We have eleven candidates.And the number nine was elected. By Jamily May 16 2012


This is a poster from our school's candidate . It shows their political views so we can decide which view we like in order to choose. During the election, many posters will be seen in our campus. We think it's a good way for us to understand
advantages and disadvantages of each candidate.

Since our group has been working on the PBL, we were the last group to get involved in the project, and the part we decide to do the thw voting and the resolution public part. Ten days ago we had the mock election's resloution. The cadidate from S106 won and the work of being the student council's leader be tranfer in the next semester. (There are four members in our group, Ann Kao, Angle, Angle, and Tim. Two Angles are in grade 11. Tim and I are in grade 10.) Our next student council's photos. All members of student council. The posters from other candidate. =Project-based Learning Presentation on April 28, 2012 in Kaohsiung=
Pride of Deguang
This is the voting process
They are counting and announcing the ballots
This is the candidate of our class

Every candidates expressing their politics on stage.

By Yatzu Huang,Ashlee Su, Amy chin May24 After we vote to our ideal candidate, we will have a chapter on Student ID card to prove having voted. There are two chapters,and the blew one was just stamped this year. By currento8 May25

Before we participate the voting, all we have to do is to promote our 525533_351521641571949_350260331698080_980101_407330766_n.jpg, my class, S101, have to do the paper working and poster to catch not only students but teachers eyes. Every single class makes their effort to decorate their direct mail and put the political views on it.
After making some conspicuous posters, we can put it on the building wall to catch people’s eyes. With these hard-working preview, we can learn not only team work but responsible attitude. And I really appreciate that Deguang gave us such a memorable and learning oppourtunity By rose1563036(Jack) On May31

This photo shows how much efforts we have done for our candidate. We made flags and went to all the classes in our school to show our sincerity.(By Ashelly Lee)

Speech:Variety View of Tainan
Our school library holds many activities about literature every semester. The director of library invited Wang Hao Yi, a well-known historic author, to our school . Though he wasn't born in Tainan, but this city appealed to him since he was an university student. Tainan, the oldest and attractive city in this island, not only has the modern active society but preserves many historic buildings and traditional culture. As the time passed, the Dutch, Zheng Chenggong, Chin dynasty, Japanese colonial period, and the Republic of China today, both left a lot of treasuries to the city. Although it is not the capital any more, the citizens seem to have a kind of special quality, like a declined noble, living a leisure and elegant life. ---- =Our condolences to= =Dear Ms. Freda Goodman, Atlanta, Goergia, the U.S.A= P1090651.JPG P1090656.JPGP1090661.JPGP1090663.JPG P1090665.JPGP1090668.JPGP1090659.JPGP1090658.JPG Dear teachers and students at DeGuang School, You have touched my heart by remembering my mother. You have a wonderful school and community that embraces all with love. I experienced the warmth during my visit last summer and I am now experiencing it again. Freda Goodman Dear iEARN project members, Ms. Freda paid a viist to Taiwan last August to participate the 18th iEARN International Conference in 2011. She came to DeGuang with Ms. Rimma, another iEARN member from Russia, for three days under School-to-School Visit Program. During her stay in Tainan, I was lucky to have her stayed with my family. Ms. Freda is a teacher of great passion who endeavors her life to world peace and rights of citizenship. Until now, I still remember her vivid utterances about her family members and her life. ... Here are the pictures for sharing and remembering e.jpgconference_hall.jpg.jpg
Sunset of Taiwan Strait, west coast of Taiwan
.jpg.jpgIMAG0270.jpg ===These photos bring back such wonderful memories. I hope I can host teachers and students in Atlanta, Georgia one day. I had forgotten I posted the prayer note. My prayers were answered because all 50 of my summer online students in Economics passed the state exam. All of my fall students passed too. I am a bit concerned about current students. Best, Freda Goodman===

Students raise fund to help students in Kenya

As global citizen, students help to raise the fund by helding the flea market to help Kenya

Video Conference with Ms. Freda and Ms. Diane

The iEARN Project Members

Group Presentation
Greeting from the Principal, Rita and fellow teachers

Group Presentation on June 7, 2012

Smile ! Good job
End of Semester. Certificates of participation were distributed. Happy Occasion.