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Justice Louis D. //Brandeis//

"The most important political office is that of the private citizen."

What is the definition of a citizen and citizenship? What are the rights and duties of citizens? Will the picture change by the time you are ready to assume your place as a citizen of the world?

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A good citizen

To be a responsible citizen, you must follow the law in your country. You must pay taxes to your government. A good citizen must attend school and men must do the military services. If you participate in the election, you can announce your opinion about the government and something about where you live and our peaceful and policy.

Definition from Websters:
1 an inhabitant of a city or town; especially : one entitled to the rights and privileges of a freeman
2 a member of a state b : a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it
3 a civilian as distinguished from a specialized servant of the state

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